* Italian Super 150's Performance Double-face Fabric

Four Season * Perfect to wear year-round

Italian Super 150's Performance Double-face Four Season Twill.
So you may be surprised to discover that the wool keeps you WARM, but also wool keeps you COOL.
Our wool suiting has memory, also known as “elastic recovery” and a springiness that makes a good wrinkle resistance. Our Super 150's Twill will hold their shape for longer and look better for their lifespan.


Breathes easily

Our Wool Suits are woven and have air pockets and gaps throughout that you can’t see. The air pockets trap warmth while the gaps allow air to move through and thus let moisture evaporate.


Is durable Warm&Cool

When properly stored, wool will keep for decades.

It’s all in the crimp and curl, which creates air pockets giving wool its unique ability to absorb moisture and transport it away from the body. This remarkable insulation factor works to keep you both warm and cool.


Is naturally water-resistant

STYLAND wool is more difficult to soak than cotton. In addition, wool is hydrophilic; it can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling wet to the touch. Cotton, by contrast, can absorb up to about 8%.


Has memory

Also known as “elastic recovery,” our wool has a springiness that makes for good wrinkle resistance.


Super 150's, in bespoke tailoring, refers to the quality of the cloth. Super denotes the wool being new and pure and the numbers correspond to the thickness of the wool fibers. In general, the higher the Super number your suit is made from, the higher the grade of fabric.