Designed to look effortlessly chic

What happens when you take the classic menswear code, created in Savile Row, and then interpret it in a genuinely contemporary way? I think nowadays people have started appreciating having a garment that truly fits you, and being more patient for the garment to be produced for them rather than having that instant product.
They want something they can wear again. Most of our customers don’t want to have to buy a different dress for every wedding they go to, they want to just have one suit, like the men do.


The clothing

Italian Super 150's Performance Double-face Four Season Twill.


The lining

All our Jackets are fully lined in Stretch Silk, unless otherwise requested.

It is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.


The construction

Handcrafted Half Canvas Constructed Jacket.

Our horsehair half canvas lining is expertly tailored to ensure each and every jacket fits impeccably and gives a natural form to the breast part of the jacket.

Hand-set collar and pick stitching

( AMF stitch ), functional buttonholes.


The fabric composition

Main Fabric: S150's WOOL 89%, Nylon 9%, Elastane 2%

Lining: SILK 94%, Elastane 6%

The Suits

Our suits are engineered to be functional and comfortable and to look effortlessly chic. Buy less stuff, take good care of it and don't be wasteful or treat the products as disposable.